Where is Aqua Pacific from?
Aqua Pacific Artesian Mineral Water comes from a totally natural source, filtered and cleansed through miles of prehistoric rock channels on highlands of Viti Levu, the main volcanic island of Fiji. The water is enriched with naturally occurring minerals before finally being pushed through an Aquifer using only the forces of mother nature.

What is an Aquifer?
An aquifer is an underground reservoir that is literally completely enclosed and pressurized, isolated from any pollution on the surface. This is the type of water source that accurately describes what the world now knows as Aqua Pacific Artesian Mineral Water.

What mineral is inside Aqua Pacific?
Aqua Pacific Artesian Mineral Water is graded as medium minerality, having a TDS between 250 – 800 mg/L.

Mineral Concentration (mg/L)
Calcium 33
Magnesium 18
Silica 79
Bicarbonate 181
TDS 287

What is the pH of Aqua Pacific?
Aqua Pacific’s pH is 8.0. Water with pH lower than 7 are considered “acidic”; while water with pH higher than 7 are considered “alkaline”. Attributed by the natural minerals in our water, our water is Alkaline by Nature.

Is any chemicals added to Aqua Pacific?
No. All minerals found inside Aqua Pacific are not additives, but are naturally occurring, just as nature intended.

What kind of plastic bottles does Aqua Pacific use? and is it safe?

We use 100% virgin PET that are BPA (bisphenol-a) free to produce our bottles. It has passed the highest standards by the FDA to ensure the contents contained inside are safe for consumption under normal conditions of use.

Can I recycle Aqua Pacific’s plastic bottle?
Our PET bottles are fully recyclable. Please check HK government website regarding plastic bottles collecting and recycling to save the environment. 

However, there are even better ways to recycle: UPcycle. We encourage you to transform our PET bottles into something new and useful. Feel free to check out some of the creative ways people are using empty plastic bottles here.

Where can I buy Aqua Pacific?
You can order or subscribe our water online for home delivery or visit our Store Locator.


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